Lawn Mowers

Lawn Mowers

Weno Power Equipment has residential and commercial mowers to suit every situation. Our technicians are trained to ask questions, which will help you to decide on what type of lawn mower is best suited to your needs. We offer self-propelled lawn mowers, riding lawn mowers, mulching lawn mowers, push mowers, and zero-degree turn mowers, to name a few.

We carry several name- brand quality lawn mowers such as Walker, Cub Cadet, Honda Push Mowers, Convertibles, and Encore Power Equipment. Come into our store to compare the benefits and features of each brand. 

Our experienced staff will be happy to educate you on each and every lawn mower in order for you to choose the make and model that best suits your needs.

Walker Riding Lawn Mowers

Walker Riding Lawn Mowers & Cub Cadet Mowers:

Whether you own a small lawn mowing or commercial landscaping company or simply need a high-quality, dependable mower, these mowers are outstanding choices.

Encore Power Equipment:

Encore power equipment is known to be tried and true, yard tested, and is professionally approved since 1988. They offer: The Prowler, X-Treme, Fuzion, Rage, The Premier Series, and top of the line lawnmowers.

The Prowler lawnmower provides power and versatility with a true floating deck on a mid-mount rider. This was developed to keep the cut on uneven ground, minimizing scalping and maximizing stability and comfort.

X-Treme is the workhorse of any commercial fleet. It has the speed, maneuverability, precision cutting, easy maintenance, and warranty, which makes this lawnmower stand out above the rest.

Fuzion blends the tough durability and professional quality of a commercial lawnmower, with the affordability of a homeowner machine.

The Rage stand-on machine combines the flexibility and safety of a walk-behind mower with the speed and precision of a sit-down rider.

The Premier Series offers smart design, tough construction, and even cut, all at a great value.

Both Walker Lawn Mowers and Cub Cadet Mowers are well-known mowers in the power equipment industry.

For a zero turn mower to excel at its work, its design has to be right from the start, or it will be easily lost in the wide array of commercial mowers that deliver only marginal results. The designer's platform must consist of discipline, ingenuity and no compromises. Each model has been built from the inside out to achieve a balance of durability and performance.

These rugged machines are built for the rigors of daily commercial operation and designed to mow virtually any property – places with rolling contours, tight corners and open spaces. Every design element has been tested and refined. As a result, each mower is reliable, tuned to perfection and manufactured to give top performance.

Honda Lawn Mowers:

At Honda, they know exactly what goes into building an exceptional mowing machine. From the legendary 4-stroke engines to the exclusive twin blade systems, their lawn mowers are designed to be one of the best lawn mowers on the market.

  • Reliable four-stroke power that meets the toughest EPA and CARB emissions standards
  • Exclusive twin-blade system that result in better mulching, increased bag capacity and tiny grass clippings that add nutrients to lawn
  • Exclusive features and revolutionary technology
  • Outstanding reliability and quality
  • Superior mowing performance
  • A full three-year residential warranty on HRX, HRR and HRS mowers

When it comes to maintaining a beautiful lawn, nothing makes the cut quite like a genuine Honda mower.

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